Message from Public Safety

At this point, everyone should have entered their information in NYU Traveler.  NYU Public Safety will be contacting all students with missing or incomplete information.  If you receive a message from them, you must submit the required information ASAP.

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Share your story

Hopefully you have all checked out the Student-to-Student guides and will refer back to them while you are abroad.  In order to keep them as up to date as possible though, we need your help! Let us know if something is out of date (the restaurant listed is closed or the neighborhood has changed) and what is actually going on in Buenos Aires! We really want to expand the current guides to have more personal anecdotes from actual students.  Possible post ideas might be:

  • Finally arriving and the first few days
  • Your housing and / or neighborhood
  • Cultural differences you instantly notice
  • Your courses, teachers, classrooms, schedule, getting to class
  • Program events and excursions
  • Volunteering or internships experiences
  • Your favorite places and things to do
  • Tips not found in guidebooks (like best place to people watch or cheapest lunch spots)

If you already plan on blogging about your experience send us the link and let us know if it is ok to repost relevant submission on the guides.  Not planning on blogging? Not a problem, just send us entries directly.  Or maybe writing is not your forte? Multimedia submissions (photos, videos, etc.) are totally welcome!

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Global Health Presentation – watch and share with your Parents!

The NYU Student Health Center has been running a series of Parent webinars over the course of the summer covering a number of Health and Wellness related topics. There is one more Global Health Webinar scheduled for tomorrow (8/17) at noon (link to register here:, or you can check out a recorded version (without a Q&A section) here:

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NYU in Buenos Aires Arrival Cheat Sheet Fall 2012

Students should print this sheet out and have a copy with them as they travel to the site as well as leave a copy with their family.

Please note that NYU in Buenos Aires does NOT arrange group transportation, etc. for students’ departure.  We will provide you with transportation information close to the checkout period but all students are responsible for arranging their own logistics for departure.

Confirm your flights:

You should re-confirm your flight 48 hours before departure. You may also want to confirm luggage restrictions, both for carry-on as well as checked luggage. Most airlines are now recommending allowing THREE hours for check-in before an international flight.

NYU in Buenos Aires Arrival Day Address and Phone:

011-54-911-3180-8290 (from USA)              This is the number to call during the check-in day. (Within Argentina, dial 15-3180-8290.)

Anchorena 1314 (corner Charcas)              This is the address where you want to 1425, Capital Federal                                    You do NOT go to your housing.


Your luggage tags should have the address above NOT your housing on them:


Anchorena 1314

1425, Capital Federal


Arrival Dates:

All students for Fall 2012 are to arrive at the Academic Center Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Students who arrive after the check-in time will need to call 15-3180-8290 in order to secure their keys and an orientation packet.  The following day you must go to the Academic Center (Anchorena 1314) to complete the check-in process.

Airport Pick-Up

We will have vans at the airport on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 for the students who notified us of their arrival information.  A seat is reserved only for those students who arrive on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012. We will be running shuttle vans from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from the airport to Anchorena 1314 based upon the flight information we have confirmed.  Please be aware if flights land close together you might wait until the next group arrives.

Buenos Aires –“Ministro Pistarini” Ezeiza Airport

Look for a NYU staff member INSIDE the building after exiting the Luggage and Customs area (NYU signs/t-shirts/hats.)  As with any international airport upon exiting Customs can be crowded and we might not be right at the front, so look for us!

If you lose your luggage, remember do NOT exit the Luggage and Customs area before filling out forms for missing luggage.  You want to do this while inside the Luggage and Customs area.  You want to list the Academic Center (Anchorena 1314) as the delivery point for your luggage and you can list +54-911-3180-8290 as the contact number.

Keep a copy of the paperwork you complete for missing luggage for our check-in, and bring it with you to check-in.  We can assist you with tracking only if you have a copy of your lost luggage form, which contains your individual claim number. Without this paper, it is very difficult to track your luggage and the airport cannot give us information regarding your lost bags without the claim number.

Remember to pack light, confirm your luggage limits with your airline, and ensure that your necessary items (medication, paperwork, etc.) are in your carry-on.  Review the carry-on rules very carefully before departing for the airport as they can change without notice, so leave room in your luggage if you have to re-pack items at the airport.


If you have to take a taxi cab to the Academic Center ONLY use one of the companies that have desks right after the Customs area do not use any other providers (people asking if you need a ride, etc.)  You can pay for the taxi with your credit card or with cash (pesos or dollars are accepted) before leaving the airport. The ride to the Academic Center located in the Recoleta Area is approximately $180 to $220 Argentine pesos. Please tell the driver to take you to Anchorena 1314 (corner Charcas).


You must have your passport ready to show upon entering Anchorena 1314.

It should not be in your checked luggage. 


It is mandatory for all students. Orientation events will occur from Tuesday, August 21st – Saturday, August 25th.  You will receive a more detailed schedule at check in.  Nevertheless during this week you should not plan any other events.  You are responsible and will be held liable for any information and presentations missed.

If something happens to your travel schedule:

–          Call us at +54-911-3180-8290

–          Send an email to (Mon – Fri 8am to 4pm EST) Please note that Monday, August 20th is a holiday, therefore if you need to reach us, call the number above.

–     Call Global Education in NYC (212-992-9940) and they will relay a message to us

Remember, and remind your parents, the airline is going to be your best source of information.  We cannot make airlines do things for you.  We can only assist you in translating and making recommendations.  Airlines will not give us nor your family your information, so you have to speak with them.

Notify your family:

Remind your family not to expect a phone call as quickly as if you were coming alone as a tourist.  Make plans beforehand as to whether you will call or email your family and then make sure YOU do it.  Remember, we will NOT give out any information beyond if you have arrived, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Safe travels to Buenos Aires, we look forward to seeing you on the 21st!

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Ebill Due Next Week

Bills are due by August 8th! If you have not received an e-Bill (remember, this is only sent to your NYU email account), you can still access your e-Bill by logging into NYUHome (, and then once in the Albert Student Center, click on the “View Bursar Account” link located under the Finances menu.  This will link to the secure eSuite website.

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NYU ID Card Information

All students will need their NYU ID cards while in Buenos Aires.

NYU students: You must bring your NYU ID card with you to Buenos Aires.

Visiting students: you will receive an NYU ID card once you arrive to Buenos Aires.

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Reminder: NYU Traveler

All students attending NYU Buenos Aires Fall 2012 program must submit their flight details to us via NYU Traveler.  The submission of this information is a condition of enrollment!

If you have YET to book your flight, we recommend using NYU’s preferred partner, Egencia, to buy your ticket. If you book as part of the NYU Florence Fall 2012 group through Egencia, your flight details will automatically be transferred into NYU Traveler at the time of booking, so you will not have to register the flight again. Please see the following Egencia Booking Instructions for info on how to book your flight through Egencia.

If you have ALREADY booked your flight, follow the below instructions to submit your flight details via NYU Traveler:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register
  3. Click on New
  4. Follow the prompts to enter your travel information. On the Itinerary information page, select “Business” Travel. You will just want to “Add Air Leg” (you can ignore car, hotel and rail legs.) If you have questions about filling out this form, please refer to this step-by-step guide.
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